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Morence Mpora, founder of the Mpora Rural Family Home, was educated by missionaries and as a result had subsequent professional success as a civil engineer. He felt compelled to pass on his good fortune by helping children in his community of Kichwamba.mpora rural family child sponsoring programme

Morence could see that the local community was in desperate need of help. Many village families lived in temporary housing existing hand-to-mouth. Often they were unsure about how or why education would benefit their children.

The Mpora Rural Family Home was established believing that education is the key to a better future and began to support a few disadvantaged children whose families were too poor to cater for their basic needs, schooling and medical care.

The children living at Mpora Rural family Home home are cared for communally by the whole family, each child, young and old, contributing to the running of the family home. Older children who have benefited from the education, in turn are employed by and contribute to the running of a number of the projects.uganda homestay

The projects have grown in response to the needs of the local community. Mpora Rural Family Home has been responsible for developing and building local resources including two schools and a community library. It has also developed sustainable agricultural and farming projects contributing to the local economy and providing employment for local families.

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