Bandasuganda bandas

A banda is a traditional round house typical of Uganda. They are basic but more than adequate with single beds, mosquito nets, a table, chairs and shared toilet and bush shower.


The site has a grassy area suitable for camping with easy access to tap water and shared toilet and bush shower.


Enjoy traditional Ugandan meals freshly cooked for all the family three times a day. Typically a meal with rice, pasta, potatoes, posho (a cornmeal based carbohydrate) or Matooke (mashed plantains) with ground nuts, beans, or a meat sauce and fresh fruit.

You should also try local street foods at the local trading centre or in town such as a ‘rolex’ (short for rolled eggs, an omelette rolled in a chappati), fried grasshoppers or Mandazi (a fried bread similar to doughnuts).

All delicious!

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